Welcome to my website! My name is Mariacristina Massa Bunt

I am a simultaneous interpreter and have been working in the conference sector for thirty years. I still have the same enthusiasm with which I have been studying foreign languages ​​since I was a child. It was love at first sight; I was only eleven when I took my first English lesson and that first spark ignited my passion for foreign languages ​​and cultures and led me to my professional choice– to be a simultaneous interpreter.



Since then I have focussed on studying English and German without neglecting honing my mother tongue, Italian. After secondary school, I attended an institute with a practical approach to foreign languages ​​and obtained a diploma as a business consultant and correspondent in foreign languages. I then moved on to the University for Interpreters and Translators in Milan and obtained a diploma as simultaneous interpreter in English and German. To complete my linguistic education on the literary side, I then took a degree in modern languages ​​at the University of Milan (IULM).

However, although my ‘official’ studies were completed, I have never stopped studying and attending courses and seminars. I spent a whole year in Duesseldorf perfecting my German and working as a foreign language correspondent for Niobium Products Company. I have visited and spent long periods of time in many English-speaking countries and – the icing on the cake – I married an Englishman, with whom I share a bilingual family.

I love my job as a simultaneous interpreter because I love languages, but also, and above all, because it allows me to get in touch with cultures and people from all over the world. I am committed to interpreting the thoughts of the brightest minds of our time, always at the cutting edge of the most advanced knowledge. There is no routine in my work – each assignment is a new experience that I face with the competence acquired in the past and with a specific preparation and study dedicated to the given topic.My mind is always open, aimed at identifying the ideal solution for each specific event: from the smallest to the largest, the simplest to the most complex, or the most private to the most public – with the explicit objective of achieving the best result in communication with my expert interpretation.


Mobile +39 3292710949
E-mail massabunt@gmail.com
Nationality: Italian

Work experience

For thirty years I have been working as a conference interpreter specializing in the fields of medicine, science, economics, finance and entertainment, with more than 5000 conference days to my credit.


AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters  http://aiic-italia.it/ ), AIB (Association of South Tyrolian Conference Interpreters https://www.interpretibolzano.org/ ), InterMed (Association of Medical Conference Simultaneous Interpreters  http: / /interpreters.it )

Education and training

Degree in modern languages ​​and literature (University Institute of Modern Languages ​​Milan IULM)

Parliamentary Interpreter Diploma (Silvio Pellico School of Interpreters and Translators, Milan)

Attendance of specialization courses organized by Deutsche Volkshochschule – Dusseldorf; AIIC – Milan and Rome; Assointerpreti – Milan; AIB- SDV – Bolzano; Intermed – Milan; Academy of the Voice – Brescia; Boom – Brescia

Mother tongue: Italian, excellent knowledge of English and German